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August 14, 2013
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Mavis APP by Gutter-Mutt Mavis APP by Gutter-Mutt



Name: Mavis
Age: 36 years
Gender: Stallion

Breed: Tarpan/Murghese
Height: 15.7 HH
Coat Color: Grullo/Very dark Grullo
Sire: Altivo
Dam: Unknown Broodmare
Siblings: N/A

Herd Affiliation: The Bachelor Herd
Rank: Stallion

Orientation: Bisexual (Leans toward males)
Status: Single

A closer look at Mavis' skin growths;


Abrasive | Intelligent | Independent | Stubborn | Distrusting | Manic | Loyal when befriended | Cannibal | Temperamental | Quiet |

Overall, Mavis is quite the oddity. Most horses find him manic, wrapped wrong, or worse... mentally disabled. Plagued by insomnia a lot of the time, Mavis is cursed with constant vivid dreams of a Pca, a ghost-like malevolent horse that has caused him a great deal of inner turmoil. Feeling he resembles this mythical creature running wild within his mind, Mavis has what most would call a case of megalomania. Feeling he's got a much higher calling than the other horses in his herd that don't believe in the Gods that the Olde herd believe in. Because of this, he's often shunned, picked at, and even beaten on for believing in such nonsense. He fights often and his temper is probably his more negative trait... he's also a kind hearted horse to those that he actually manages to befriend. Only those horses will get to see what's under the surface, as he's severely distrusting to those he doesn't know. Because of the murder of his sire, and the fact he... fed upon the flesh of another horse- some of the other herd members fear him, calling him names like 'flesh eater', or 'cannibal'. He's got conflicting self-esteem. Fighting with himself and what others see as a narcissistic nature... he also sometimes hits lows in himself where he feels he's not worthy of his herd. This has him often labeled as down right psychotic. There is much more to this horse than meets the eye... and only those brave enough to get to know him will scratch below the surface.

<3: Stallions, quiet, rain and storms, being alone, traveling, scars and fighting, sex, meat.
</3: Mares, loud noises, dry weather, young horses, large groups, sleep, closing his eyes for too long.


[ Birth ]
Born into the Bachelor herd, Mavis was shown a cut-throat life from day one. After being dropped, his father, Altivo, wasn't very keen on allowing him time with his mother, one of the herd's many 'broodmares.' Other than when it was time to feed, he would not allow his offspring to spend any time with his mother, assuming she would corrupt him, or his views. Not allowing any time for the foal to settle, Altivo quickly, and harshly, branded his son with the Bachelor's mark. The wound was deep, severe... and he was lucky to survive it. Leaving a nastily deep scar... it was rumored it caused the colt to begin having dreams, which he complained about from a very young age.

[ Foal ] 0-10
Raised predominately by his father... Mavis knew very little of his mother. She wasn't allowed near him, or to speak to him. Altivo kept him close... and made sure he followed his own views on how the Bachelor herd should be run. This lack of female attention had him growing some rather sexist views... as his father often insulted the opposite sex, treating them more as livestock than actual herd members. Altivo was far from tentative... often harsh in his punishment and training, he made sure Mavis was on a very strict schedule, wanting him to fit in well with their herd and hopefully pass on their genes just as he had. Mavis' social skills were lacking... often afraid to disobey his father, he stayed close- focusing on what he was taught. This left him to his own devices... and those dreams that continued to rack his mind. By the age of eight years old, the dreams were nightly... and vivid, often presenting a very dark. shadow-like figure in the shape of a large horse with horns and glowing eyes. As he grew... the dreams became worse, almost unbearable, and Mavis grew to hate sleep. By the age of ten... he was faced with insomnia, as he forced himself to remain awake to avoid seeing the 'evil' horse that ran wild within his mind.

[ Teenager ] 11-18
Used to a lack of sleep, Mavis' mind was frail... and he was often seen sitting alone, speaking to himself. Begging the visions and dreams to go away. The horse that plagued them had begun to run his life... Some of the other horses of the herd began talking, assuming that perhaps Altivo has been too harsh with his branding and caused the colt brain damage when he was born. At this ripe age, he began shunning himself from the herd, knowing they were talking behind his back. He grew sour, his temper causing him more trouble than it should have as he often picked fights he knew he couldn't win. His body became riddled with scars... each one cherished as an act of strength, despite his loss. By this time, he held himself above other horses younger than himself, picking on them... and explaining he had a 'higher calling'. Knowing their herd didn't believe in the Gods of the Olde herd, he only expressed this to the youngsters of the herd, knowing he could simply pass off what they said as childish lies. By the age of seventeen... small growths began to form under his flesh behind his ears on both sides. They were hard... almost finger-nail like in texture... and only continued to grow. This baffled the entire herd, but intrigued Mavis as they were similar to the horse in his dreams. The pitch black ink-like horse with a wispy... flowing mane of smoke and ash. He knew, though the herd was against their existence, that he...must be special. He must be like the horse he saw in his mind. A God.

[ Adult ] 19+
Reaching adulthood was hard. He was shunned by a handful of the herd for being... 'weird'. Those growths has taken over his head, much like a pair of goat horns. Easily explained by a simply case of Cutaneous Horn, a medical condition caused by sunlight, scarring, or even exposure to radiation... he considered it something much much more. His dark fur... the horn-like growths, those vivid life-like dreams representing the myth.. The Pca. Primarily a creature of Irish folklore, it's considered to be bringers of bad fortune, they could either help or hinder rural and marine communities. The creatures are said to be shifters which could take the appearance of black horses, goats and rabbits. In this particular case, in this day and age- it clearly took on the shape of a horse. A calling to Mavis...
His father disapproved of all this nonsense. This 'calling' Mavis was certain was for him. After finally snapping from the constant disapproval of his father, other herd members... and a lack of sleep, Mavis ended up murdering his father in his sleep and devouring parts of his flesh to 'gain his strength.' After that, branded a murderer and a cannibal, he remained distant from the rest of the herd, keeping mostly to himself and his thoughts and dreams. The one thing that kept him busy both mentally and physically.
Now, at current...the age of thirty six years old, he's calmed down but his temper still gets the better of him. Having never fit in, he keeps his thoughts and theories to himself. No one will listen... and even if he feels he has a higher calling, it doesn't do much when everyone around you feels you're nothing but a freak, or a joke. Some would consider him a megalomaniac... others simply wave it off as mental disability caused by his father's branding.
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TehPage Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GUHHH Why does he have to be in the bachelors? This is probably one of my favorite concepts for characters here. I just can't get over those freaky tumor horns! XD Such an epic character! (My character Rowan grew up in the Bachelor herd before he moved to the Exiles. Maybe he knew Mavis? XD)
Gutter-Mutt Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! XD

And sure, I bet we could work something out. :3
TehPage Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, and awesome! 8D
o0BrokenSeaGlass0o Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


the horns are a really cool idea!

I can't wait to see more about it C:

He's also very cool and original

maybe we can rp sometime? ^ ^



Gutter-Mutt Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! I'd love to get him involved. 83

And thank you!
o0BrokenSeaGlass0o Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

 I currently rp phantom

I've been quiet in the group so you may not know her

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WildStarChaser Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Oh, wow...Really, really, amazing. The originality of his design and story is just fantastic; I can't wait to see more of him!
Gutter-Mutt Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! I hope to get him involved with some plot soon!
Slyaun Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He is one Sexy Stud
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Why, it's Kaz's horsey cousin 8D
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